stageClix at NAMM

Some pictures of our booth at the NAMM Exibition.


Dutch magazine "De Bassist" made a comparison between the Ashdown Freebass and the stageClix Jack. 

by Chris Dekker (Dutch)




The stageClix Jack has been tested by one of the independent reviewers of German music magazine SOUNDCHECK.

"Das Signal dieses kompakten Digitalsystems
überzeugt klanglich und zeigt keinerlei Dropouts"

by Eberhard Prittner (German)



Performing Musician published the findings and conclusions of Paul White during his search to find a trouble free radio system that sounds as good as a cable and isn't threatened by the impending changes in the VHF and UHF frequency allocations.

"The stageClix Jack is a convenient, high-quality alternative
to conventional guitar radio systems that offers most of
the benefits of a piece of 'wireless cable'"

by Paul White (English)




Dutch magazine "De Gitarist" made an extensive comparison between three digital wireless systems for guitarist : Line6 Relay G30, Brace Audio DWB1000 and the stageClix Jack.

"The combination of our revolutionary rechargeability, 
solid construction and it's sounds  are the three big advantages
stageClix is having above the other two systems"

by De Gitarist (Dutch)




Some (translated) highlights out of the tests , done by German magazine Guitarre & Bass, on the stageClix Jack.

"Amazing : There is only one single button, and a total of four led's. 
Plug & Play taken literally by stageClix"

"Eventhough there were more wireless systems operation,
i experienced zero drop outs"

Michael Dommers (German)




"With stageClix we rock all night long without any compromises on sound or mobility. Its quality and easiness of use is outstanding, so we are happy to be a member of the stageClix family"

Stephan Schafferhans & Fabian Panzer




Aba Koikkara  




"if you are looking for a wireless system for your bass or guitar you should definitely check out the stageClix jack."

Pim van de werken
Silence is sexy




"I really don't want to go back to any other wireless
I have ever tried!"

Vito C.




"stageClix is small and easy in use, built like a tank and above all: a signal as clean as a whistle"

Dennis van der Auwere 
Gipsy on the rocks




"We are using stageClix for different instrument. Despite sub optimal circumstances so every now and then ; stageClix keeps on performing excellent."

Hiddo Born 
Big Band : Boston Tea Party

Boston tea party