Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use multiple StageClix systems simultaneously on the same stage. Each system must operate on a different channel to avoid interference. Fortunately, StageClix offers up to 12 selectable channels, providing the flexibility to use as many as 12 different StageClix systems simultaneously, allowing you to create a seamless and interference-free performance experience.

Yes, you have the flexibility to use multiple receivers with one transmitter with Guitar Studio Set. Just ensure that all the receivers are paired to the same transmitter and set to the same channel. Once this is done, you can connect these receivers directly to amplifiers or mixers. This feature is particularly handy when you're performing in larger spaces and require multiple amplifiers to cover a wide area.
StageClix also provides flexibility to use multiple receivers with one transmitter with In-Ear system as well. The receivers also have to be paired with transmitter and set to the same channel. In this scenario all band members can listen to the band mix or rhythmyc cues to ensure synchronized performance.

No, the StageClix wireless system will not change the sound of your guitar. Our systems are designed to provide you with a pure, cord-like sound while giving you the freedom to perform wirelessly. Your guitar's tone and quality will remain unaffected, allowing you to enjoy the same great sound without the limitations of a cord.

The StageClix products are covered by a warranty for a term of 24 months, commencing on the date of purchase. It's essential to keep your sales receipt as proof of purchase for warranty claims. For detailed information about what is covered under this warranty and the procedure for making warranty claims, we recommend reviewing our Return Policy – Warranty or checking out "Warranty" chapter in the manual.

Yes, StageClix systems are designed for international use. They comply with global frequency regulations, making them suitable for use in various countries. Additionally, their compact size makes them highly portable, perfect for musicians on the go.

Charging time for an empty battery transmitter or receiver is approximately 3 hours.

No, StageClix systems are not waterproof. Please ensure they are protected from moisture, as water damage is not covered by the warranty.

If you did not find your question here, please do not hesitate to contact us on info@stageclix.com.

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