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In-Ear Transmitter Station

In-Ear Transmitter Station

The StageClix In-Ear Transmitter Station is a wireless powerhouse that takes your stage performance to the next level. This compact and lightweight transmitter wirelessly delivers your audio signal to the In-Ear Receiver, providing freedom of movement and eliminating the need for cumbersome cables. With its advanced 5.8 GHz frequency band operation, the StageClix In-Ear Transmitter Station ensures a stable and reliable connection, even in crowded wireless environments. Its intuitive controls and user-friendly UI let you effortlessly set up and adjust your monitoring mix, delivering a top-notch audio experience.

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• Active RF-power stabilization
• 12 different selectable channels
• Fast charging
• Full aluminium enclosure, rackmount-ready
• Bright full color LCD screen
• Size: 160 x 172 x 44 mm

* Might not be compatible with older generation devices. For more information contact us at
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