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Jack Transmitter

Jack Transmitter

The StageClix wireless Jack Transmitter is designed for musicians seeking freedom of movement on stage. This transmitter delivers exceptional audio quality and a stable signal. Simply plug it to your instrument's jack output and experience interference-free, crystal-clear sound without any limitations to the cables.

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• Operating frequency: 5.8 GHz band (5.725 GHz - 5.850 GHz)
• Active RF-power stabilization
• Input impedance: 4.7 MOhm // 39 pF
• Plugs directly into any guitar or bass
• Sturdy Polycarbonate housing
• Integrated Li-Po battery life: up to 8 hours
• Size: 79 x 49 x 15 mm

* Might not be compatible with older generation devices. For more information contact us at
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