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mXLR Receiver Station

mXLR Receiver Station

The StageClix mXLR Receiver Station is a wireless high audio performance receiver station designed for use with the mXLR Transmitter. This receiver station features a mini XLR input that can be easily connected to microphones or other audio devices with mini XLR outputs. It delivers clear and pristine audio signals, ensuring that every nuance of your performance is captured accurately. With its user-friendly interface, the StageClix mXLR Receiver Station is a reliable choice for professional musicians who value convenience and quality sound reproduction.

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• Output impedance <1 kOhm
• 12 different selectable channels
• Fast charging
• Full aluminium enclosure, rackmount-ready
• Bright full color LCD screen
• Size: 160 x 172 x 44 mm

* Might not be compatible with older generation devices. For more information contact us at
* Images are for representation only. Colors and other details may vary. 

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