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mXLR Transmitter

mXLR Transmitter

The StageClix mXLR Transmitter is a compact and reliable wireless audio transmitter designed for use with the mXLR Receiver Station. With its mini XLR input, it allows musicians to connect their instruments or microphones with mini XLR outputs, offering a seamless and convenient wireless audio solution. The transmitter delivers a strong and stable signal, ensuring that your performance is transmitted with exceptional clarity and accuracy. With long battery life and sound performance, the StageClix mXLR Transmitter is a reliable companion for professional musicians seeking a hassle-free wireless audio experience.

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• Operating frequency: 5.8 GHz band (5.725 GHz - 5.850 GHz)
• Active RF-power stabilization
• Input impedance: 4.7 MOhm // 39 pF
• Mini XLR plug type with integrated +5V bias
• Sturdy Polycarbonate housing
• Integrated Li-Po battery life: up to 8 hours
• Size: 79 x 49 x 15 mm

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